In DETOURS, seemingly ordinary souls upend their lives to chase extraordinary compulsions.

Who would expect a friend, neighbor, spouse or co-worker to do the unthinkable—stalk an unsuspecting girl to capture her, plot a child’s kidnapping, or assume someone else’s identity?

In order to fulfill their implausible notions, they toss aside inhibitions and pursue devious means. Their escapades test the limits of how far someone will go to hide aberrant behavior. In doing so, they evoke the baffling complexities and mysteries that lie within us all.

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ISBN for print: 978-1-949085-16-7; ISBN for e-book: 978-1-949085-17-4

If you’ve wondered what life is like inside a scandalized politician’s family, The Sunflower Sinner: An Odyssey of Politics and Passion offers a daughter’s firsthand glimpse. Such an account is rare. One seldom hears from the spouse or children when a politician’s outsized ambitions lead to publicized corruption and personal shame.

The daughter idolizes her father, a charismatic aspiring governor, until he exposes her to disturbing flaws in his character. When he plots a secret bribe to free an imprisoned murderess, it plunges his family into crisis. This bittersweet coming-of-age story reveals the journey endured by a family defined by politics, and engulfed in scandal.

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